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Glacier tours and alpine tours

Glacier tours and alpine tours

There are still some glaciers in the Puster Valley that are still tenaciously fighting global warming. Worthwhile glacier tours are located in the Ahrntal valley with the Magerstein, Schneebigen Nock, Hochgall and Schwarzer Wand.

But also in the Zillertal with the Schwarzenstein, Möseler, Weißzint, and Löffler there are interesting three-thousanders. In the rear Ahrntal there are already the Hohe Tauern with the Rötspitze and the Dreiherrenspitze.

I am often on the road in the Ortler group, but also the Ötztal and Stubai Alps offer glacier and high altitude tours at their best.

I would also like to mention here the high altitude tours of the Western Alps, where I have already been on the road in many areas and can work out an individual offer on request and after consultation.



from July to September

for normal glacier tours up to 4 persons, for high altitude tours depending on the demand between 1 person and max. 2 people

guide, equipment and transfer.

on request

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