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Born in 1968 in Bruneck and raised in Olang, I was already as a child much and gladly in the mountains on the way. In my youth I devoted myself to skiing and cross-country skiing and in the summer to racing cycling.

When I was 15 years old, I was allowed to participate in a climbing course and learned the necessary know-how in the use of climbing equipment. Initially with my brother, later with several friends, we then moved independently through countless walls of the Dolomites, the Alps and finally other continents.

After graduating from high school and while still studying business administration in Innsbruck, I began training as a cross-country ski instructor and mountain and ski guide. This initial hobby fascinated me so much that it became my profession, although I still enjoy working part-time as a teacher of business administration at the Business High School in Bruneck.

I settled down with my 3 girls in Moos near St. Lorenzen, where a large garden keeps me constantly on my toes.

Mountain guide Toni Obojes

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